it rained earlier

drummed overturned fire bowl

smell of green in air


tea, mint, jasmine, sun

and kava leaves falling slow

and me feeling good


flat tired waiting

for the sun to rise bright and bold

silhouette of grass

flip the stars

i counted 44 before i left

and, earlier, a silvery fox welcomed me home

literally caught there, in my softgold headlights, just like


oh, wait, she changed it up on you

lust like i told you


someone deer

Woman, hear me, you are dear

You are essential and you are everywoman

You (with your coffee, cream, lotus tea and earthen skin) are whom i am speaking to now

this late-ish moment, white hallway light, ficus shining on the dark computer screen

i thought i was speaking to a man (and he was pretty, too)

oh wait, YOU changed it up on ME

that’s what’s up

that’s what’s flip

best catch me before i fly up, and flip just a bit too far

a problem of division

i do not know what this is

but i know that she is back




waiting for her moment

to throw me into the deep waters

into the deep, deep waters

a blue so dark that they are black

these are the colors

the tones that get me

you feel me ?

she eats their words

and their attention

thrives on them

she is insatiable

she is terrifyingly present

she is eternal

she is part of me

the toned, liquid depths of me

a blue so dark

that they are black


amusing ourselves

to death or maybe just being

that soft kick inside