this morning i am

here on the edge of peace


breathing in the air of spring

cool and petalsoft

thinking of him

wanting his skin against mine

whiskey warm

his breath there at my neck

his hands drifting the curves of me

his want edging up against my own



sweetening the vine

the sounding solitude

it was

for a moment

ever so quiet

but for the buzzing in my ears

and birdsong

it was

for a moment

ever so quiet

had a pin dropped

it would have echoed

like thousands of tiny bells

it was

for a moment

ever so quiet

To My Readers,

Just wanted to thank you for your attention…and ask again that if you are not already doing so, to follow me.

Love, Laura

potential as a dirty word

since you cannot know what i have or what i am

since you cannot know what, in fact, the world will dish out to me

since you cannot know tomorrow until it it is today

since blue, is in fact, a trick of light and gas

since time is arbitrary

since love is a swift and fleeting thing

since people will break promises and lie

since citizenry is a very thin layer against chaos

maybe you should consider potential as a dirty word

social distancing

he held the chair for her

she sat in the chair next to it


she held the door open for him

he pulled his hand back into his sleeve to receive her kindness with caution


he dropped his intention

she chose to pretend she hadn’t noticed


they reached out to give comfort to pain observed in the other

and were succinctly rejected


and so it went on

kindness thwarted

comfort dissuaded

touch withheld

a singularity more acute than known before

nurture verses nature

and winning


this morning

i am gathering the world’s magic to me

allowing it to breathe and expand within me

vibe and vine

and open me

open me to the whole of it

the flow of it

the meandering, marinating know of it

and that is where i will stand

in the know

in the flow

in the now


true hearted

and new once again


i am the only woman in the room for him


that is all i will ever

need to be


i will begin with the sultry air of her

the curious way she has of drawing your words,

your secrets from you

and her hold on the ephemeral

i will leave you with the scent of her


also a little something of the sea