Eli’s 3 words

my gravity, like honey will pool

will pull

slow and sweet

will feel specific

will be specific

and personal

but also cosmic

because here’s the thing

telescope, microscope

they find the same

something of small defiance

pieces of a whole

stars and cells

separate, equal, interdependent:


we are everything

dust to dust

inevitable, impossible

caught up


luminous and this

the stretch and muscle and light


And our incapacity to hold it?


it does not disqualify our ability

to feel, smell, see, hear and taste it

blueberries and Tupelo

warmed, gusted and scattered to the earth

(love, sweet, sour and home)

these are the things that we know



not fixed

i think he should reach out for me

soft, cyclical and present

not take me

the moon and the honey and the map

for granted

because though we are above and below

before and aft

we are not fixed

we move and we breathe amidst

ages and continents and stardust

and we desire more

than we can ever know

Al’s 3 words

she slept and spun

and spent hours

(sand, sea and stars)

embedded in moonlight


born of breath

and magic

feathered, now shed

chrysalis no more






are you thinking of me,

trying to recall me

the currant, peachy sweetness

the policy of uptake and awareness

the steady know

of how we moved

and knew


the core, the energy and soul of everything lit

and magic

that we were


will ever







she has more

so much more inside her

to say

to feel

to love

to explore

and, perhaps, you will see it

this universe within her

and endeavor to chart it by dream

by touch

or infinite sounding

and with the intention of a song

a song that is quiet and soft

and that begins there

at the core of you

tracing your bones

releasing your voice

your animal scent

your verse and truth

to her

as well to the vastness

as you have more

so much more inside you


i captivate him

and i know that’s right

it need not be understood anywhere

but right here between us

this scent, this incandescence

this memory

and pull

of us

and so be it

is there a saying, then

that there is nothing so sad as happiness

because, if not

there should be

on Nate


she abides

trying on patience

like an ill-fitting, though provocative dress



said the fly to the spider

i am tangled, my heart still clamoring