you just wasted my

precious time, but

what other kind

is there

garden and girl

out there

suspended and succulent

catching light

waiting on the heat


peach tree, pepper tree

which one my origin?

they twisted ’round one another

sweetening and biting the man

who picks me

wrong again

this man

how he moves me

inhabits me

confounds me

loves my body

and finds peace within me

I love him completely

the way he looks at me

touches me and just

makes the world go away

he is the one I was meant

to find

and love

with all that I am


she will have a moment then

composed by storm

the thrown heat of it

at land’s very end

twisted root buried below her feet

she will bend to it

and dig

to find reflection

and  newness

hold it in her hands

something that was millions

now one


today I swing

between a man and the moon

between a dream and purpose

A Question of Suitability

can she, then, channel the words

recognize them

articulate herself

as lambent, relevant


for them to choose her

as their vessel


need she ask the question


why are men so noncommittal

but, then, so am I

and why must the ground then forever

touch the sky