woodcutter and butterfly

i hope you know that you are more than i could ever have expected

that you make me want to break my own rules

that you have carved your unapologetic, visceral way into me

and i am, therefore, changing

textual vining

textual vining has now replaced that which was, once upon a time, sexual healing

code, it seems, impregnates the world so much more so than does the flesh

or poetry

also known as the soul

let that sink/sync in


“what is that?”

i don’t know

a strut of the soul

a walkabout or a disappearance

an unregulated journey of no hurry or worry

no map

just stretch and breath

“but what is that?”

i don’t know

faith in the faithless

and a ship with no ship

“but what does it mean?”

i strut therefore i am