my shadow stretched out

Venus as lit up as I

sisters of another planet ,

same universe

the same universe that has been peaches all day

so good it was spooky

I move, now, with new senses that I have no name for




there are, of course, other planets and stars domed all around me

glow and pixel

and the moon

well, she has been working all day, all month , always

to be whole

a perfect source of light

“to build a fire” (a bullet point poem)

have on hand:

a few moments

  • a design (teepee in my case)
  • charcoaled wood (of the fire before)
  • kindling
  • brown paper bag
  • caked firestarter
  • solid, dry, dense wood (on top)
  • matches
  • a sense of how jacked up and achingly beautiful and fleeting it all is
  • or, better
  • an awareness thereof
  • work
  • tools
  • some analysis
  • some strategy
  • but dreaming too
  • and openess
  • a sense, an awareness of your own unfinishedness
  • your lingering arrogance
  • so, dance
  • relaying your music’s (Miles Davis in my case) energy
  • you feel me?

grief as a sweater

striated and blue

worn to something ethereal,

full of holes

but, still a sewn thing

or, perhaps, webbed would be the better term,

wet and catching transient light

illuminating the silken, pale and scarred skin underneath

until that day she decided to let go

In Memoriam: My Father (and the truth of him as I know it)

someone once said that I choose to wear black

because I cannot get past trying to please him

I wanted to dismiss her and her color story, but could not

and, perhaps, that is as it should be

because he was important

and responsible and full of story and

philosophy and light “through a glass darkly”

however uncomfortable that may have made me feel

because mirrors never reflect what we want them to, do they

clarity (not always revealed in direct sunlight) doesn’t sit easily

but it is the only way forward

and that is why I love him and miss him

and continue to consult him

however poorly I may once have expressed how I feel about him

and so, I shall wear black

and look to the sea

where now and forever

he will be