“to build a fire” (a bullet point poem)

have on hand:

a few moments

  • a design (teepee in my case)
  • charcoaled wood (of the fire before)
  • kindling
  • brown paper bag
  • caked firestarter
  • solid, dry, dense wood (on top)
  • matches
  • a sense of how jacked up and achingly beautiful and fleeting it all is
  • or, better
  • an awareness thereof
  • work
  • tools
  • some analysis
  • some strategy
  • but dreaming too
  • and openess
  • a sense, an awareness of your own unfinishedness
  • your lingering arrogance
  • so, dance
  • relaying your music’s (Miles Davis in my case) energy
  • you feel me?

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