Teddy Ann

she is sad, she is happy

she is hopeful

tripped up by her roots

caught up in the moonglow

following her solitude forward to what you

what you and all of us know



and not yet underground

held there

warm in her pocket

her hands

a light so blue, so uncanny

so early it is almost gray

so soft it is almost



so full of dreams it can only be


well-deep, lit at the surface

held tight and quiet below



4 thoughts on “Teddy Ann

  1. Wow. Im honored you would write a poem about me. I think u figured out bits of my soul in our brief encounter…
    You are special.

    I would love to send you one of my recent poems. How should i do that?

  2. Laura, I have really enjoyed your poetry. As a poet and artist myself, I see your genius. Your tender intuition is beyond. You surly captured bits of my soul in “Teddy Ann” in our short meeting.

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