elemental (III) – the language of letting go

missing him


and deep inside me

slow, his sweet breath

his unintelligible speak

when he was there

missing his heart

which i still believe to be true

despite his unthinking memes

or maybe they are thinking

maybe they are ironic

or an an invitation, a challenge

i don’t know

but i do know that i must now speak

the language of letting go

as he will no longer share his words,

nor his beautiful body

with this soft-blooming woman I’ve become

full of fire and contradictions

and now sitting in the sun

dreaming her way beneath the surface

of the light-splintered water laid out before her

her true wild heart

beating to his cadence


ghosts and poetry and myth and sex-magic


but now i must speak the language of letting go:


d r i f t


new no

l o o k i n g


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