A.R.’s 3 words

(subtlety) is my calling, and sometimes I heed

others not so much

(intrigue) me with a good look,

the recommendation of a hard book

and I am unmoored

a wild thing

a blood-orange honeyed (bloom)

of a woman

but then, women are rarely what they seem to be

or what they say they are:

that’s just survival


pursuit for peace, just

kidding. vodka, anyway,

the blue stuff of dreams

and, well

the mind is where sex

lives, and sure, it travels light

south, and into the body



you know that I am fighting

that i am dreaming

that i am tired

that the universe can present as


but, for just a moment, for me, allow

yourself to be magnanimous

and consider that there is more

more color,

more sound

than nations, notions, stories, trees

stars, oceans or emotions

and for that i am thankful

and for that i am joyful

i am

now 52 and

life is more precious and sweet

than I could know then