22 in

cleanse, sleep, energy

I am awash in monarchs

gold, black red and new

life is but a brief rampage

do not waste it on ingratitude

i was walking sun

and treeshadow stretch and breath

i only listened

grown and collected

they were not grown

and we were not collected

and so I will rely on myself

that being my wit, my curves, my growing patience, awareness and wisdom

and, as always, my words



and all that

but i am smarter than you give me credit for

and I guess that is kind of the point

is it not

because logic would tell you to get there expediently

but you have not so done

have you


and so, keep fighting, my love, by all means, keep fighting though fighting is not the same thing as winning and it is certainly not love

but, also, it is love


i’ll walk this sunshine

mile the rest of my life and

smile all the while

second day

today i am content


listening to bird and piano song

birds on the outside

on a wire

and i

i am spinning my way into you

am i not

like song

or webspin

that’s me, for the moment

writing circles on your sky

whilst falling into you